The A to Z of Cars – Chrysler Ypsilon

Wed 6th Jun 2018

There are thousands of cars to choose from at The choice is amazing, so to help you decide which motor might be best for you, this helpful guide to every model on the market should help.

Chrysler Ypsilon
Let’s start with the name. It’s badged as a Chrysler, but in reality it is a Lancia, but the bods at Fiat decided that us Brits might get a little confused by the prospect of a Lancia being back on our roads, after they killed it off, so we get the Chrysler version. And Ypsilon? Well apparently it’s a letter of the German and English alphabet, the Y. But that may be a side issue.

Lancia have been building Ypsilons since 1995, but the version we see on UK roads was first conceived in 2011 and is actually the third generation of the vehicle.

The Ypsilon is an ultra-compact five-door supermini, built on Fiat’s 500 and Panda platform.

Fiat’s Tychy plant in Poland has been churning out in excess of 100k Ypsilon’s per year since 2011, showing a real demand for the small vehicle and it comes as no surprise as this may look like a small car, but comes with plenty of space within.

With a high riding position and impressive instrument, it is a bit different to the usual Ford/VW small car style and perhaps that is what makes it stand out in a desperately busy market.

Different, tubular twist-beam rear axle from Fiat Panda and 500. Rides softly and rolls a bit but actually drives quite well. 3/5 – Honest John
If you’re seeking a compact, economical five-door with cute looks and lots of equipment, the Ypsilon looks like a decent choice. 3/5 – Auto Express
The Lancia Ypsilon is essentially a 5-door Fiat 500, and will be the Chrysler Ypsilon in the UK. 3/5 – Evo

Assembly – Tychy, Poland
Class – 5-door hatchback
Similar Cars – Fiat Panda, Fiat 500, Ford Ka

You can own a Chrysler Ypsilon for just £85 a month at