The A to Z of Cars – Subaru WRX

Sun 20th May 2018

There are thousands of cars to choose from at The choice is amazing, so to help you decide which motor might be best for you, this helpful guide to every model on the market should help.

Subaru WRX
‘It’s the closest you can get to owning a rally car’ says the strapline on Subaru’s overview page on their official website and racing enthusiasts have certainly been flocking to the Subaru in their numbers over the years.

The nod to owning a rally car is reflected in the abbreviated WRX, which stands for World Rally eXperiential officially, although many acknowledge the X standing for World Rally Cross.

The WRX is actually a variant of the Impreza but comes with all the souped-up engine capabilities of a car which is still creating and breaking lap records at rally car races across the globe.

Though Subaru have of course been building fast cars since the early 1950s, its relationship with rallycross came when it started winning under the guidance of Colin McRae in the 1990s.

Famed as much for the iconic colour schemes of blue and gold, which came via a sponsorship with a tobacco company but endured long after the relationship ended.

Rally-rep charm. All-weather capabilities. Competitive value for money. 3/5 – Autocar
Grip, chassis precision, ground-covering ability, hardcore nature.  3.5/5 – Top Gear
Offers different thrills to rivals, better value than old car. 4.5/5 – Evo

Assembly – Yajima Plant, Ota, Gunma, Japan
Class – Sports Sedan
Similar Cars – Mercedes-AMG E63, BMW M3 Competition Pack, Lexus GS F

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