The Connected Future Of Cars

Tue 3rd Apr 2018

Cars of the future will be connected to the net, with a 270 per cent growth in connected cars by 2022 according to a new report.

With European legislation saying all vehicles sold from April 2018, must be fitted with ‘eCall’ technology, which automatically calls the emergency services should the car be involved in a serious accident, all new cars will be connected to at least one network.

The research completed by Counterpoint Research forecasts that in less than five years time more than 125 million connected cars will be on the road. Many new cars already have the technology, with BMW, Audi and Mercedes Benz leading the way, but as the market moves towards blanket 4G coverage, it’s expected to see a spike in the technology being added to cars.

“In terms of overall penetration, Germany, UK and US are leading the market at present with the highest percentage of total shipments with embedded connectivity sold in 2017,” said Hanish Bhatia of Counterpoint.

Europe’s eCall mandate is expected to change the market dynamics with higher penetration across European countries. The adoption of eCall in Europe is expected to create ripples across other geographies thereby catalyzing the overall car connectivity ecosystem.”

Though further research from Kantar suggests that safety and fuel economy are still the most desired requirements when purchasing a car, the increase in network ready vehicles may change the thought process of the car-buying public.

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