The Cost Of Driving To Work Just Got More Expensive

Sat 5th Dec 2020

Millions of drivers will be paying more than ever for driving on the motorways after M6 toll prices rose this weekend.

The cost of a car going through the M6 toll rose by 20p on Friday, a fee which could see regular users of the toll road paying an additional £48 a year, on a total spend of £3,600.

The M6 toll is now the most expensive in the UK, almost triple the price of the second most expensive, the Dartford Tunnel, and seven times more costly than the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

“While some people have no other option to use these roads, it’s staggering the amount these toll charges can add up to when used on a daily basis,” said Mike Thompson from Leasing Options who put together the research.

“Our research shows that on average over the year a commuter could pay £1,264.15 on these roads.

“That’s 3.5 percent of the average UK salary, which is a big amount to fork out over the year.

“The convenience can be great for the occasional user, but we feel its a big cost to take for some people with little other choice"

Andy Cliffe, M6 toll chief executive said: “We are committed to making the M6toll a stress free and reliable route for all, along with taking huge volumes of traffic from the M6 and the surrounding Midlands road network.

“The new FlexiPass will help to encourage more short, local journeys on the M6toll by providing local road users with a flexible and discounted pricing option and achieve the aim of alleviating congestion on local roads.

“It’s the latest in a suite of products designed to provide drivers with an accessible and cost-effective way of using the M6toll.

“Similarly, the price hold for vans and trucks and other support measures we have in place for businesses are playing their part in helping reduce congestion on local road networks by providing an efficient and viable route for HGV and other commercial operators.”