The Most Popular Motoring Questions Asked Of Google

Wed 26th Jun 2019

A new study of Google search queries has found the most popular questions asked relating to the UK’s best selling brands of the last ten years.

Though many of the most common queries relate to issues dealing with the performance of the car, there are some more egocentric requests, such as ‘Why is my BMW 3 Series the best?’.

With Google Assist technology now fitted directly into more and more high-performance motors, it’s likely that the search engine will become the go-to place to deal with car enquiries. Though the research from Scrap Car Network doesn’t reveal whether Google provides reliable or relevant information.

William Fletcher, managing director of Scrap Car Network, said: “It’s a good sign that drivers are curious to discover what’s going on with their car. It enables them to make informed decisions about maintenance.

“And while search engines may provide tips on fixing basic issues, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Drivers should consult a professional if they’re worried.

“It’s an equally good thing that buyers are doing proper research before deciding what car best suits their needs

“It’s often the case that inexperienced buyers take a test drive and fall in love with a car without understanding important issues like maintenance costs, availability of parts, reliability and common faults. Ignoring these things can result in a months, if not years, of unhappy motoring.”

Most popular search queries for top 20 cars of the past decade

  1. Why is my Vauxhall Corsa losing power?

  2. Why is my Audi A3 losing power?

  3. Why is my BMW 1 Series losing power?

  4. Why is my Vauxhall Insignia losing power?

  5. Why is my Kia Sportage beeping?

  6. Why is my Fiat 500 beeping?

  7. Why is my Peugeot 208 beeping?

  8. Why is my Ford Fiesta juddering?

  9. Why won’t my Mercedes A-Class start?

  10. Why is my Vauxhall Astra juddering? 

  11. Why is my Nissan Juke not starting?

  12. Why is my Volkswagen Golf losing coolant?

  13. Why is my Nissan Qashqai not locking?

  14. Why is my Volkswagen Polo losing water?

  15. Why is my Mini overheating?

  16. Why is my Toyota Yaris using oil?

  17. Why is my Ford Kuga burning?

  18. Is my Mercedes C-Class rear-wheel drive?

  19. Is my Vauxhall Mokka a 4×4?

  20. Why is my BMW 3 Series the best?