The Perfect Car For The Heatwave?

Wed 10th Aug 2022

As temperatures across the UK continue to rise on the same trajectory as the petrol prices this summer, a German start-up could have a solution which will be the answer to both problems.

Sono Motors, based out of Munich claim to have developed a car which will be Europe’s first mass-market production car which can be powered by the energy of the sun.

The company unveiled the showroom ready Sion this week, a battery-powered car which comes complete with 456 solar ‘half-cells’ across the bodywork and roof, which in the right conditions can provide an additional 70 miles of driving range.

Sono announced at last week’s ‘Celebrate The Sun’ event that they had already taken 19,000 orders for the Sion, with retail price expected to be in the region of £21,000, which would put the innovative car at the budget end of the EV market.

In addition to the 70 miles solar range, the Sion also has a standard battery range of 190 miles. The company are expecting production to commence in their Finland factory in early 2023.

In addition to the Sion car, the company have developed a ‘Solar Bus Kit’ which is being trialled on transport solutions within Germany.

“We are tremendously excited for Sono Motors’ journey towards providing clean, affordable, and accessible solar transportation for the masses. The premieres of the Sion in its production design and the ‘Solar Bus Kit’ represent a giant leap forward in realizing our vision for a sustainable world, furthering our mission to reduce carbon emissions,” said Laurin Hahn, co-founder and CEO of Sono Motors. “Production of our series-validation fleet and presenting the Sion in its production design is a further step towards delivering on our promise of an affordable solar-electric passenger vehicle.”