The Real Cost Of A Failed MOT

Thu 6th Dec 2018

British drivers are spending on average £325 to fix their motor - if their pride and joy fails its first MOT test.

With a second MOT costing as much as £55, the real cost of not looking after your car ahead of a test can certainly stack up. Whilst the Government has capped the cost of an MOT test at £54.85, it’s the cost of the repair bill which has drivers sadly reaching for their wallet. The average repair bill following a failed test is £272 in the UK.

And the price of the repair bill varies vastly dependent on which part of the country you take your car to be tested in. Drivers in Liverpool are paying a high cost for failed MOTs which an average cost of £441.38, almost £150 more than drivers in London who would normally expect to pay premiums on everything when it comes to cars and driving.

Though larger engine problems are likely to lead to bigger costs, it is the simple light bulb which is the most common cause of a failed test. 30 per cent of all failures are due to faulty lights according to the latest DVLA figures, so to avoid that additional second MOT test fee, it’s always a good idea to check your lights ahead of the test.

Other areas of your car which are worth testing are washer fluid, mirrors, wipers and windscreens, all of which may seem minor, but can fail your test.

Speaking to The Sun Philip Dugmore, Technical Manager at the Good Garage Scheme, said: "If drivers kept a closer eye on their cars they can avoid a hefty pay out to pass a second MOT.

"Simple things like learning how to check the oil and top it up, checking your tyre pressure regularly and making sure all your lights are working can keep your car ticking over - and make it far more likely to pass its MOT first time round."