The Take-Five Review: Audi A7 Sportback 2018

Wed 21st Mar 2018

As Audi aims to maintain the pace alongside big-hitting European players such as Mercedes, BMW and Volvo, it has aimed for a USP based on technological brilliance – so does it pull that off with the Audi A7?

Those lucky enough to have had a sneak preview of the Audi A8 last year were full of praise for the interior technological breakthroughs, so it’s only right that we expect to see at least a nod towards that direction with the production model for 2018. Early reviews suggest that the A7 Sportback is making an attempt, but that is the real verdict? We take a look at the most popular reviews to see what the critics are really thinking. says: “Audi’s latest four-door coupe is available with everything you could possibly want if you go heavy on the options list, and it’s delivered in a sumptuous package.” says: “It’s a car that, both in design and dynamics, carries an effortless, chilled-out charm – an inner confidence in what it does. It’s cool and it knows it.” says: “Space, performance, quality and refinement all impress, but ride comfort and infotainment don’t.” says: “ Overall this is a fast, comfortable, efficient and handsome, a bit better than its predecessor in quite a few ways.” says: “Overall the luxury five-door coupe not just meets the needs of its target market but hits their expectations for six.”

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