The Take-Five Review: BMW X2

Tue 6th Mar 2018

You like SUVs, you also like coupes, but you can’t decide between the two. Well, you no longer have to choose after BMW launched the X2 which is a cross between a compact SUV and a sexy coupe.

In the tradition of the X4 and the X6, the X2 takes the chunky engine power of its predecessors the X1 and X2, plus all the capability of a 4x4.

But what do the critics say? We scanned the web to find the five most popular reviews of the all-new BMW X2, took all the flab away and were left with the scaled back verdicts. says:  “Classy interior and tidy handling appeal, but the firm ride and compromised practicality don’t.” says: “Distinctive looks that hardly hurt space. Refined powertrains. Strong cornering/ride compromise. Well-executed interior. says: “It’s not perfect, but in top-of-the-line xDrive20d guise, the new BMW makes a very convincing case for itself, especially to those who cherish their driving. says: “The X2 undoubtedly makes BMW’s SUV range more interesting, with distinctive styling mated to a sharp driving experience and slick interior.” says:  “The X2 is the latest in a line of emotionally marketed vehicles sold to people as part of a healthy, active lifestyle. Given that remit, we’d recommend one over a GLA or Evoque.

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