The Take-Five Review: Kia Stinger 2018

Sun 25th Feb 2018

Kia are upping their game. The reliable Korean manufacturer are known for producing safe, economical and functional family drives, but they may have broken the mould with the Stinger – a stylish four-door saloon which is taking the manufacturer into unchartered territory.

So with Kia challenging the four-door saloon market which is dominated by Audi, BMW and Mercedes, have they overreached themselves?

The Take-Five review looks at the five most popular reviews on the web to find out what the popular opinion is? says:  “But whatever your perspective, there’s no mistaking the statement that the Stinger is intended to make. “We’re done with paddling in the shallow end,” it says, “and we’re tired of playing second fiddle to that bigger sibling brand. We’re a world-class car-making outfit. And anything that Europe can do...” says: “Interesting looks, plenty of performance, massively well-equipped, unbeatable warranty.” says: “While the less powerful engines are okay, the Stinger 3.3 V6 GT S is a belter; sweet handling, potent and much cheaper than an Audi S5 Sportback” says: “Holy crap(!) acceleration; mid-size-car space, compact-car money; solid feature count.” says: “What’s patently clear after driving the Stinger GT for a week: Kia is making huge strides. From seemingly out of nowhere has come a Korean sports-hatch that, right out of the gate, in many ways is already beating the big-name bluebloods at their own performance game.”

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