The Take-Five Review: Mercedes-Benz E 350d All-Terrain

Thu 8th Mar 2018

Mercedes-Benz were the top premium motor brand in the UK in 2017, selling 179,000 cars, a record figure, and closely followed by their compatriots Audi and BMW who both sold 175,000.

Let’s face it, the Germans know how to make an executive car, and us Brits love buying them. That trend might be about to continue with the launch of the latest Merc, the E350d All-Terrain.

With that in mind we took a look at the best reviews on the internet to see what the critics are saying about this latest model. says: “Still spacious, but now with added capabilities and extra car-park protection” says: “The Mercedes E-Class All-Terrain is practical, with a surprising amount of off-road ability. It’s an expensive choice, though” says: “For those after SUV practicality and a dash of legitimate off-road competence in an executive car package, the Mercedes E-Class All-Terrain is a fine choice” says: “Mercedes-Benz has given the classy E-Class Estate all-wheel drive and some extra ground clearance to tackle off-road excursions – and it's good” says: “Comfortable, classy and – when it comes to semi-autonomous driving – a little too clever for its own good, the E-Class All-Terrain makes a very respectable fist indeed of disguising how little it actually differs at heart from the standard estate.”

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