The Take-Five Review: Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2018

Sun 4th Mar 2018

Whilst the Qashqai slowly dominates the SUV market in the UK, there are many more pretenders arriving on the scene, by the month, by the week. Some high-end, others aimed at families, and some at the budget end of the market.

With Mitsubishi’s history of 4x4s you would imagine the SUV market is one they are comfortable competing in – however, there is a small consensus of opinion which suggests that the Japanese manufacturer has struggled to come to terms with their niche field now being flooded by upstart competitors.

The Qashqai is the model many aim for, so perhaps it’s a little fitting that Nissan now has a shareholding in the struggling Mitsubishi motors. They will share expertise, and the hope is profitability. So, we are keen to understand what the new-look Mitsubishi SUV looks like – described as a cross between the ASX and the Outlander.

We took the top five most popular reviews of the Eclipse Cross 2018 and boiled them down to the key quotes. says: “Striking looks, interesting interior, flexible boot space” says:  “The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is a real step forward for the firm, but it’s unlikely to trouble the best in its class” says: “On first impressions the Eclipse Cross is a solid all-rounder, one that feels impressively well screwed together and which, we’re promised, will come with generous standard kit from the entry-level version upwards” says: “Distinctive design, better interior than the Outlander Sport” says: “Gets new peppty 1.5 turbocharged engine. Very well equipped as standard for the money”

Can’t wait for the Eclipse Cross? will deliver one of a range of Mitsubishi  ASX or Outlanders to your door with just the click of a mouse.