The Take-Five Review: Nissan 370Z

Sun 25th Mar 2018

Though the 370Z is a vehicle carved from a brave new world of motoring, Nissan’s sporty little number has quite a history, 50 years in fact, hence the all new Heritage edition for 2018.

The latest model has seen many little tweaks in its 10 years on the market, but it still performs consistently well for a Japanese imposter in a fiercely competitive European market. So can the 2018 version of the 370Z maintain it’s consistency at the top of the market? We look at the top five most popular reviews to find out. says: “The 2018 Nissan 370Z is a confident coupe or roadster with an impressive pedigree and a recognizable shape. It’s comparatively aged, but an instant classic for most owners.” says: “On paper the Nissan 370Z offers plenty of performance for a competitive price but a gruff engine and poor ride corrupt the experience.” says: “Muscular styling. Strong pace. Value for money.” says: “Naturally aspirated power. Two transmission choices.” says: “The 370Z isn’t a sensible or logical vehicle, it’s an emotional one that’s proud to live in its own word of irrationality.”

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