The Take-Five Review: Range Rover Velar 2018

Sun 18th Feb 2018

If you are looking for luxury and status, the Range Rover very rarely disappoints. The Evoque and Sport deliver on all counts, with well-equipped, powerful beasts of the road, you won’t often find a brand new one for less than £50,000.

But what of the Range Rover Velar? Where does that place itself in the pantheon of Range Rovers? We’ve picked some of the most popular reviews to give you a taste of Range Rover’s newest kid on the block.

Autocar says: ‘JLR’s most powerful four-pot isn’t the engine the Velar truly wants but perhaps the one that makes most sense.’

What Car says: ‘The Range Rover Velar is a stylish, refined and seriously appealing SUV, but there are better-finished and more practical alternatives.’

Top Gear says: ‘The Velar majors on style but it's still a useful car. It's roomy enough for a family, not so big it's awkward in cities, and capable of unusual off-road feats.’

Car and Driver says: ‘Land Rover’s new Range Rover Velar is a suburban delight.’

Daily Express says: ‘No one would ever pretend this Velar is a sports car like Jaguar’s F-Type but it doesn’t disgrace itself when twistier roads loom large in the windscreen either.’

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