The Take-Five Review: Volkswagen Arteon

Wed 28th Feb 2018

It’s a Volkswagen saloon, but it’s not a Passat, no the Volkswagen Arteon is the Passat’s bigger, sexier brother. Slightly longer, lower and wider, which lets face it, is aimed at a slightly bigger cheque book than those who are possibly considering a Passat investment.

Think along the lines of the Audi A5 Sportback or the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe and you have your ideal buyer. It might appeal to you, it may not, but the style and sophistication of the Arteon will probably tempt a few away from little brother.

But what do the motoring media think of this stylish saloon? We looked at the top five most popular Arteon reviews on the web to get the lowdown. says: “It’s a little pricey but the VW Arteon is good to drive, stylish and amazingly practical next to the other coupes and even some saloons in the class. says: “Good looking, spacious and well equipped, but it’s missing on that oh-so-important buy-me’ factor…” says: “Spacious and solidly constructed cabin – Large and accessible boot – Strongish, frugal powertrain” says “I simply couldn’t think of anyone I’ve met, or even seen, who might want a good-looking four-door coupé that’s huge in the back and ordinary at the front, with a VW badge and a 40 grand bill” says: "If you drive a CC or Passat CC, the Arteon is all good news: bigger, better equipped, with nicer drivelines, class-leading safety innovations and all for not much more money."

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