The Take-Five Review: Volkswagen Polo 2018

Wed 21st Feb 2018

The Volkswagen Polo, it’s an absolute classic, there is no escaping the fact, which must make it tricky for the German manufacturer when they come to releasing their latest model. How do they make it different without straying too far from what makes it great?

The latest 2018 Volkswagen Polo will hit the streets very soon, will it still be sweet? We take a look at the top five most popular web reviews of the Polo to see what they are saying. says: “VW has attempted a tricky balancing act here. On the one hand the new Polo is more grown-up than ever – the Mk6 is based on the (genuinely) ubiquitous MQB architecture, and thus benefits from an extended wheelbase (+92mm) and wider body (+69mm), which translates into increased interior space and a more mature driving experience.” says: “That revolution comes in the form of a redesigned interior. Thanks to the car’s new chassis, the cabin is more spacious and, as the vanguard of the Polo’s charge into the ‘digital era’, it’s also more technologically able than anything yet seen in a supermini.” says: “The Polo offers good interior quality, great infotainment and a comfortable ride. Only the price slightly lets it down.” says:  “There’s little to suggest that VW’s UK success with the Polo is about to change any time soon. The new model, once again, feels like the grown up option in the supermini class, with excellent interior quality, ride comfort, refinement and tech, plus an options list plucked from larger models. The naturally aspirated 1.0 MPI model will be cheap to insure, but it’s not our pick – the turbocharged 1.0-litre TSI is the real sweet spot in the range, and is predicted to be the biggest seller.” says: “It's a sizeable leap, and enough to shove the Polo up to the upper reaches of the supermini order.”

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