The Top Ten Worst Roads In England

Wed 10th Oct 2018

London’s Oxford Street is amongst the most complained about roads in England according to a new report which has named the country’s worst roads.

The data which has been put together by online retailer Car Parts 4 Less, using data gathered from Freedom of Information requests has listed the top ten roads which has consistently bad complaints about it, with Mancheser’s Oldham Road route topping the list with Manchester Council receiving 741 complaints about it in the last 12 months.

The majority of the complaints relate to the road surface being in a poor state of disrepair, and despite Manchester being given £19.8 million by the Government in 2015 for maintenance of local highways, the Oldham Road route only had £24,800 spent on it last year.

The same survey last year revealed that the North West had the worst highways, with roads in Lancashire, Salford and Cheshire receiving the most complaints.

“It is interesting to see this year's worst and most expensive roads in direct comparison to last year,” said a Car Parts 4 Less spokesperson.

“Once again the North West has the number one most complained about road, and year after year the South are spending the most on road maintenance.

“Although this tool won't fix the offending roads for drivers, it should help driver's awareness of the worst roads and which to avoid to protect their car from damage.”

Top Ten Worst Words

  1. Oldham Road, Manchester - 741 complaints

  2. Oxford Street, Westminster - 589 complaints

  3. A346, Wiltshire - 304 complaints

  4. Watling Street, Northamptonshire - 291 complaints

  5. Nottingham Road, Derby - 267 complaints

  6. Uxbridge Road, Ealing - 243 complaints

  7. Chester Road, Cheshire - 214 complaints

  8. Lordship Lane, Southwark - 183 complaints

  9. Beggar Bush Lane, Somerset - 183 complaints

  10. Glascote Lane, Staffordshire - 157 complaints