The Truth About EV Breakdowns

Tue 14th Dec 2021

One of the country’s leading breakdown recovery firms has dispelled myths of range anxiety within electric vehicle owners by revealing that they are rarely called out to drivers who have run out of charge.

In fact, according to LV=Britannia Rescue, the most popular EV call-out is related to wheel or tyre problems, and that is mainly because electric vehicles are generally heavier than their fossil fuel counterparts.

Data collected by LV=Britannia Rescue between 2018 and 2021 shows that 36 per cent of callouts are for wheel and tyre problems, more than three times the amount of callouts for running out of charge which accounts for 11 per cent of requests.

EVs can be 50 per cent heavier than a standard car, and some tyre manufacturers have produced special EV tyres, however it is more likely that the lower rate of call out is due to there being fewer moving parts in a battery powered car.

“Range anxiety has been built up to be a thing for people to be concerned about when it comes to going green, but our data shows that in reality it's a very rare issue for electric car drivers,” said Henry Topham, managing director of LV=Britannia Rescue.

“Generally electric cars perform very well and aren't susceptible to suffering nearly as many issues as petrol or diesel models, but if you do have a problem it's more likely to be wheel or tyre related, or dead on key. 

“And as we get into the cold, dark winter months it's good for drivers to be aware of these potential issues and make sure their car is regularly being checked and looked after.”