The Unfair Imbalance Of Owning An EV

Sat 30th Jul 2022

The recent high petrol and diesel prices will have driven many motorists to consider buying an electric vehicle, but research published this week has revealed that there is a significant disadvantage to some sections of society owning an EV, and they may have to pay £1,100 per year more than other EV owners.

The imbalance is between those who have off-street parking and those who don’t. Those who have the privilege of being able to plug-in and charge at home on their driveway are benefiting from much cheaper electricity rates, one in three EV owners don’t have that option.

The rising inflation has not escaped public charging points, with latest analysis suggesting that the cost of charging at a public charger has risen by 20 per cent since September last year.

Those who use public chargers only can expect to pay on average £1,320 a year to charge their car, however, if they are lucky they can use one of the free chargers available in a variety of locations.

According to research from there are 35,000 chargers in the UK, with approximately 5,000 of those free of charge, may located at local supermarkets. But again there is a disparity with some areas of the country having fewer free ports, with the North East only having 154 in total.

“Those without off-street parking – which is around one third of drivers nationally – are already paying up to £1,320 each year to charge,” said Ginny Buckley, founder and CEO of

“This is why we need local authorities right across the country to step up their game when it comes to charging infrastructure.

“While free charging is a brilliant incentive for some businesses, it won’t be a solution for everyone.

“That’s why I’m calling for VAT on public charge points to be reduced from 20% to 5% to bring it in line with the cost of charging at home.

“I would also like to see energy providers introduce cheaper night tariffs at public charge points to help balance the supply grid and benefit those without access to off-street parking.”