These Actions Can Reduce The Value Of Your Car

Thu 21st Jul 2022

If you are looking for an optimal price on your car when you trade it in you are likely to give the vehicle a good clean inside and out and some may even take it to a garage for a once over, but did you know that there are some things which will instantly knock off a significant chunk of value on your car?

Research published by What Car? this week showed that cars could lose up to 15 per cent of their resale value as potential car buyers are getting choosier about their options, with thousands of cars on offer.

So if a car buyer has a choice of your car and a similar model, with similar mileage, and you are a smoker, which car do you think the buyer is going to go for? When surveying 2,668 buyers, What Car? found that 85 per cent would be less likely to go for a car which had been smoked in over an identical model.

Other things which can reduce a car’s value include transporting young children and having pets, the research found that 60 per cent of buyers would look negatively on a car that has been used for towing, while pets are frowned upon by 47 per cent of buyers. Young children can decimate a car’s interior with sticky sweets and general rubbish, and 17 per cent of those surveyed agreed.

The research from the leading automotive consumer affairs publication also asked the question of how much discount a buyer might expect to get if someone had smoked in a vehicle, and the average reduction was 15 per cent.

Steve Huntingford, editor, What Car?, said: “Mileage, service history and overall condition are usually the big factors that determine a used car’s price, but as our research shows, habits of previous owners can have a significant impact on the perceived value of a used car.”