These Are The Postcodes Where Most Accidents Take Place

Fri 16th Apr 2021

If you have ever wondered why your car insurance jumps up when you move house then the fact that some postcodes have a higher incidence of accident than others might explain the problem.

Research from MoneySupermarket has found which areas of the UK have the highest rate of car insurance accident claims, with London boroughs particularly bad accident blackspots.

The analysis of more than 21 million car insurance incidents fond that Sutton was the biggest claim postcode in the country, with 18.93 of enquiries in the London borough relating to an accident. Hertfordshire, and in particular Hemel Hempstead and Watford have similarly high claims for motor accidents, with Slough and Birmingham completing the top five postcodes.

At the other end of the scale and those who drive in Scotland appear to live a relatively accident free existence, with Inverness, Dumfries and Galloway and Perth making the fewest accident reports on their insurance, with rural areas across the UK. There was one surprise on the fewest number of accident claims postcode, with North West London featuring in the top ten with just 12.73 per cent of enquiries being an accident, from a total 189,655 enquiries.

'This is important because it can impact the level of your premium in a couple of ways,” said Kate Devine from MoneySupermarket.

“Firstly, insurers consider a range of factors when giving you a quote – including your postcode – so if you live in an area associated with a high rate of accidents, or indeed thefts, you could pay more.

“Secondly, when you declare an accident that you've claimed for in the past, insurers will likely view you as more of a risk which could lead to a higher premium quote.”