These Are The Questions EV Owners Are Fed Up Of Hearing

Wed 27th Jul 2022

If you own an electric vehicle you are no doubt well versed in answering the questions from the many non-electric convert, and now we know what the most asked questions are.

The research from British Gas reveals some of the many misconceptions related to electric cars, with many actual EV owners admitting they had the same questions and queries.

In a poll of more than 500 EV drivers, the research found that more than half (51 per cent) admitted that they faced a barrage of questions when driving a battery powered vehicle.

Strangely, eight out of ten EV owners believe that people act differently around them when they told others that they drove an EV. But they probably understand why, as 78 per cent had their own misconceptions before switching to an EV.

Some of the most common questions include, ‘Do you charge your car at home?’, ‘How long does it take to charge the battery?’, ‘Have you ever not been able to find anywhere to charge your car?’ and ‘Do you ever worry about the battery dying on you whilst driving?’.

“EV adoption levels continue to rocket as more drivers realise the full potential of making the switch to electric,” said Henry Duff, head of net zero at British Gas.

“Yet, as demand for EVs intensifies, we must ensure that the UK’s charging network is ready for drivers to access reliable, convenient and easy to operate charge points.

“If we’re not careful, we could stall the good progress made to encourage more motorists to adopt EVs.

“Switching to an EV requires a change in mindset from the way you drive, to how you refuel and maintain the vehicle. Driving at a slower speed is a common habit newly converted EV drivers adopt – this help to keep the energy consumption low, boosts the battery’s range and allows you to go further for longer.”