These Are The Roads To Parking Fine Hell

Tue 4th Jan 2022

If you think that your local council is dishing out parking fines by the dozen, spare a thought for the local residents of one road in London which has seen a massive £5.2m of fines over a 10-month period.

Browning Road in Newham, East London saw 40,615 offences between January and October last year, bringing in an average of £17,368 a day, or £723 an hour. Regarded as one of the busiest roads in the capital, the route has now been restricted to buses, emergency services, cyclists and taxis which may or may not see the fines come down.

London drivers are hit the hardest in the UK by the greedy council bosses, who appear to use every trick in the book to claw money away from motorists, and with very few of the fines appealed the local authorities are certainly generating plenty of revenue according to Shaf Jade from Azolvur, a company which helps fight unfair parking tickets.

"Councils are generating money by not issuing parking fines, but relying on the fact that people won’t appeal those parking fines,” Jade told the Metro which published the data following a Freedom of Information request.

"The data published on the London council’s website suggests only 0.6 per cent of parking tickets were appealed in 2020 to 2021.

"Councils have automated systems in place where they keep on sending tickets and rely upon the fact that people won’t contest it because they are not aware of the appeal process.

"Also, in today’s hectic life people find the whole process is daunting, so they prefer to pay off rather than to contest."