These Cars Are MOT Flyers

Mon 25th Jul 2022

If you are looking for a vehicle which can fly through an MOT then look no further as new analysis has revealed which cars have the best chance of passing the inspection first time.

There’s a range of options to consider when choosing a car. Do you go electric, petrol or diesel? What colour should it be? How big an engine should the car have? But it’s unlikely that many people even consider how the vehicle is likely to perform in an MOT.

With motoring costs going through the proverbial roof, it is perhaps a wise move to consider purchasing a vehicle which won’t bring you too much financial stress when it goes for its annual check. According to motoring experts Bill Plant Driving School, there are some cars which are better than others, with the Peugeot 108 top of the class with an 85.90% pass rate. There appears to be something of a theme for top MOT stars, as the MINI Cooper (84.73%), Skoda Citigo (83.95%), VW UP (83.92%) and Seat MII (81.51%) are all at the compact end of the market.

“Coming in at first place is the Peugeot 108, frequently mentioned as a good first car for new drivers,” the Bill Plant Driving School report said. “There haven’t been any obvious recurring problems with this car and it uses a lot of the already proven components from the Peugeot 107, which should give further confidence for its reliability and longevity. As for safety, the 108 comes with six airbags, and anti-lock brakes to prevent skidding when abruptly braking, as well as electronic stability control. You’re likely to find this car used too, which presents the opportunity for a real bargain. “

In the same report, the driving school also found that engine problems were the most common fault, with google searches in relation to the MOT finding some 567,030 searches. Brakes, Seat Belt, Clutch and Steering were also popular faults.

The report said: “Worryingly, coming out as the most common car fault are engine-related problems, which is somewhat unsurprising, given that a car’s engine has so many parts that help it run optimally. Most commonly, the engine is affected by damaged spark plugs, inadequate lubrication and a failing oil pump, the majority of which are relatively cheap repairs.”