These Drivers Are Spending 10% Of Their Average Salary On Car Insurance – Find Out Why!

Tue 6th Feb 2018

Young drivers in the UK are paying on average 10 per cent of their average salary on car insurance, that’s according to the latest report from the Association of British Insurers (ABI).

Drivers aged 18 to 21 pay the biggest premiums relative to their salaries according to the report and with premiums rising at their fastest ever recorded rate, it’s not good news for all drivers in the UK.

The average insurance premium for drivers in 2017 rose to £481, however it’s not all bad news, by the time drivers reach their 50s, they are only paying 1.3 per cent of their salary on car insurance.

Whilst getting on the road as a driver remains one of the key priorities for young people, the concern over paying car insurance is the No.1 issue for all drivers aged 17-24, 15 per cent listing it as their main motoring worry in a poll by RAC Insurance.