This Car Is Most Likely To Pass An MOT First Time

Wed 16th Jun 2021

The more you spend on your car the more likely it is to pass its MOT at the first time of asking according to new analysis revealed by the DVSA.

So while we might worry that expensive supercars and prestige motors might cost a fortune to repair even the smallest fault, it is reassuring that if you are paying a premium price, you get premium reliability.

The data, which was published this week by BookMyGarage, shows that Ferrari owners enjoy the most stress-free time at the MOT test centre, with a pass rate of 93 per cent last year for those vehicles aged between 3 to 15 years.

It’s likely that if you are spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on a vehicle, you are going to ensure that it is well looked after, lightly driven and regularly serviced, and that is sure to be a factor in the results which show that Bentley (8.8% failure rate), Aston Martin (9.7%), Porsche (12%) and Infiniti (12.7%) complete the top five.

A notable mention too to Mercedes-Benz who saw almost one million vehicles put through an MOT test last year, but still came out with four out of five cars passing.

“Owners of prestige car brands often cover fewer miles annually as the car is unlikely to be the owner’s sole vehicle and they are usually maintained to very high standards,” said Jessica Potts from BookMyGarage. 

“MOT pass rates are less indicative of brand reliability and more a representation of how well owners maintain their car and how much of a ‘workhorse’ a particular brands’ models tend to become.

“That being said, there’s a noticeable dominance of more mainstream Japanese brands in the Top 10, which perhaps goes some way to prove the notion that Japanese cars are indeed very reliable.”