This Car Showroom Hasn’t Sold A Car For Years – Find Out Why

Fri 9th Feb 2018

It’s been labelled the ‘ghost showroom’ and the ‘dealer that time forgot’ but it’s true that there is a Subaru dealership that despite having gleaming cars on its forecourt, it hasn’t made a sale in years.

The Subaru showroom was once the only car dealership in Malta, but once a rival pitched up selling Japanese imports of the high-performance motors, the owners decided to shut down rather than go into competition.

Amazingly, rather than selling the stock and repurposing the building, the showroom remains full of Subaru’s in all their 1980s shining glory. The  range of vehicles features some real Subaru classics, including the Justy, an early model of the Impreza and also a ‘brand new’ 1987 Subaru XT Turbo.

With only delivery mileage on the clock of these vehicles, it is thought that many of them are now vintage classics and could actually fetch more now than their original forecourt prices.

The Subaru XT alone could be worth tens of thousands of pounds as auction. With four-wheel drive and a turbo charger, the last of its kind rolled out of the factory when they stopped producing them in 1991, and with a right-hand drive it could be a real collector’s item for a UK enthusiast.

The ‘Fuji’ showroom in Malta is still in operation, though these days it is being used to sell air-conditioning units. has plenty of Japanese stock to get you excited. And we won’t be holding on to our motors for 30 years. You can order yours today with just a click of a mouse.