This EV Named Worst Car Ever

Mon 8th Mar 2021

Age has not been kind to one of the forerunners of the electric vehicle revolution, as a recent poll from motoring experts named this supermini as the worst car ever.

The survey, by some of the top motoring journalists at Auto Express, has named India’s Reva G-Wiz as the worst car of all time, beating off strong competition from the likes of the Austin Allegro and the Morris Marina.

Built in Bangalore, by the Reva Electric Car Company, the 400kg rear motor small micro electric car, was first built in 2001 and with a top speed of just 50mph may have been a little pricey in the UK market at £9,995.

The G-Wiz may actually be unfairly judged in the worst car ever category, purely because it isn’t actually deemed a car under European crash test rules, it is considered a ‘heavy quadricycle’.

It is unlikely that the G-Wiz would have passed any European safety tests, a crash test commissioned by Top Gear magazine found that occupants would suffering ‘serious or life-threatening’ injuries at just 40mph.

“The Indian-built G-Wiz electric car actually qualifies as a quadricycle in the UK, so you can drive it if you've only passed your motorcycle test and you can get behind the wheel from 16 years of age, too,” said the Auto Express review.

"Unfortunately, the G-Wiz will earn you zero street cred when compared to anything you can ride on two wheels.

"The bug-eyed front end and tall, flat panes of window glass make it look awkward, while the variety of crooked shut lines on every model and mismatching paint finishes meant no two cars left the factory looking the same.!”