Top Ten Most Popular Cars For Young Drivers

Fri 26th Feb 2021

Though there won’t be too many newly-qualified drivers hitting the roads due to the lockdown enforced halt on driving tests and lessons, there are still some confirmed favourites rookie drivers.

Compare the Market's new research has revealed that the Ford Fiesta is the number one choice when it comes to being the most popular drive for those aged 17-24. The Fiesta has taken the title in 2020 from the Vauxhall Corsa, which has previously ruled the roost for young drivers.

And while young drivers will be keen to get value for money from their car, it is often the eye-watering cost of insurance which prohibits many from hitting the road. CompareTheMarket have found that the average premium for a 17-24 year is now £1,154, which in many cases may be more expensive than the car itself!

The reason premiums are so high is that inexperienced drivers are far more likely to make a mistake and be involved in a collision - one in ten are involved in a collision in their first six months of passing the test. A further 10 per cent are caught committing a driving offence within their first two years of driving.

“Buying your first car is an exciting experience for new drivers and deciding on the make and model is a big decision,” said Dan Hutson from Comparethemarket. “It’s worth looking into the overall running costs for your desired car before you make the purchase, as these can fluctuate depending on which car you choose. 

“The biggest expense apart from the car itself is the annual car insurance premium. Car insurance for those aged between 17-24 can be high as this age group is generally deemed to be a higher risk than more experienced drivers.

“There are, however, ways first-time drivers can look to keep their car insurance costs down – one of the most popular is to install a telematics box which tracks your driving habits, passing the information back to your insurer, which could help lower your insurance premium.”

1. Ford Fiesta (£1,140.82)

2. Vauxhall Corsa (£1,168.17)

3. Volkswagen Polo (£1,130.59)

4. Volkswagen Golf (£1,525.43)

5. Renault Clio (£1,059.85)

6. Vauxhall Astra (£1,372.39)

7. Fiat 500 (£914.21)

8. Ford Focus (£1,347.66)

9. Seat Ibiza (£1,202.14)

10. Toyota Aygo (£906.35)