Toxic Black Cabs Are Polluting UK Cities Says Report

Tue 18th Dec 2018

A new study has revealed that some black cabs are 30 times more toxic than personal vehicles.

The Real Urban Emissions (True) Initiative looked at CO2 emissions from 100,000 vehicles, including taxis and buses and found that newer Euro 5 cabs are actually producing 50 per cent more nitrogen oxide than the older Euro 3 and Euro 4 models. Whilst all new black cabs can run on electric, Steve McNamara, General Secretary of the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association said more need to be done to help cabbies run on cleaner electric fuel. He said: "London’s black cab trade is already working to help tackle the capital’s air pollution," he said. "We are proud of individual taxi drivers doing their bit.

"Every new taxi you’ll see on London streets can run on electricity. However, we need more rapid electric charging points across London to power the new zero-emission capable cabs”.

But with black cabs and other older vehicles making up 60 per cent of greater London’s nitrogen oxide levels, the FIA Foundation is pushing for local authorities to enforce cleaner air strategies.

“Dirty vehicles have been clogging the air with their toxic exhaust fumes, and taking a huge toll on the health of Londoners, especially children, for too long,” said Sheila Watson of the FIA Foundation.

“Both policy makers and consumers have not seen the improvements in emissions which they should have based on the measured emissions of vehicles.

“Evidence-based policy is the only way cities can have a significant impact on air quality, but that demands reliable real world data.

“That is why FIA Foundation is delighted to support this work, in partnership with the Greater London Authority and the Mayor, which we hope will strengthen the transport policy framework for a cleaner, safer city.”