Toyota Reclaims ‘Most Searched For’ Title

Sun 7th Feb 2021

A new study has revealed that Japanese car manufacturer Toyota was the dominant in Google search terms in 2020, a title which will sit nicely alongside its claim of being the best-selling car brand in 2020.

Researchers at Compare The Market looked at data from top searched vehicle brands for 2020 across 158 different countries and found that Toyota was the most searched for in over a third of countries.

According to the study, Toyota dominates the global footprint for 2020, a return to form for a brand which had lost its title to BMW in 2019. It completes an impressive bounceback for Toyota, they had been in the doldrums after losing their best-selling car accolade to another German brand, Volkswagen for the last five years.

Toyota is top of Google for the whole of Russia, in many far eastern nations, Australia and many countries in South America.

“Japanese car manufacturer Toyota was the most searched car brand in 2020,” said the Compare The Market report. “Our analysis shows it topped searches in around a third (34.8%) of all countries analysed. It’s down from the 41.1% of top searches among analysed countries in 2018, but up from the 17.7% of top searches in 2019. Toyota was among several brands that saw a boost in popularity in 2020, partly due to BMW experiencing a significant dip in search interest for many countries.

“A possible reason why Toyota also sparked interest globally in 2020 was because of the extensive and unique range of vehicles that were announced and released. In December 2020, Toyota launched the C+pod – a new and compact electric two-seater vehicle. Other notable releases throughout 2020 included the new GR Yaris, a fully redesigned Mirai, and an expansion of the popular Corolla series with the new Corolla Cross compact SUV.”