Traffic Light Busting Tech Makes Your Journey Smoother

Mon 3rd Feb 2020

New connected technology is being tested in one of the busiest cities in Europe which could make stopping at a red light the thing of the past.

The technology which is being trialled in the all-new SEAT Leon in the Spanish city of Barcelona sees the car receive information via the cloud which will alter the car’s travelling speed to ensure that it doesn’t have to stop at the lights. The real-time traffic data will appear on the Leon’s infotainment screen and let the driver know if they upcoming light will be red, green or yellow.

Known as ‘Vehicle to Infrastructure’ or V2I, the connected car will communicate with the transport infrastructure via the internet in a data transaction which takes just 300 seconds and could bring a whole new dimension to the driving experience.

Jordi Caus, head of Urban Mobility Concepts at SEAT, said: "Queuing at traffic lights can be a frustrating process and it always feels like a 'win' when you manage to time your driving perfectly for when the lights go green.

“With this project we're taking a first step to connect cars with overall traffic infrastructure.

“SEAT's new connected cars receive real-time traffic information from the Traffic Authority's central cloud, including information displayed on motorway panels or the traffic light status in cities.

“The traffic light sends a signal to the Traffic Authority's cloud about its current status and when it is going to change.

“It improves safety by providing advanced information about traffic lights turning red depending on your speed and therefore avoids abrupt braking.

“This trial showcases how SEAT is looking at ways to use technology and data over human intuition to improve traffic flow, road safety and fuel efficiency.”