Train Travel Is Thirteen Times More Expensive Than Driving

Mon 13th May 2019

A new study have revealed that sitting behind the wheel of your car on your daily commute is a much more economical option that getting yourself onto a train.

Even with petrol prices at a six-month high, the Daily Mail’s analysis has found that a typical train journey from Luton to Cambridge would cost £84.60 for a return ticket at peak time, while the same journey by car would only cost £6.40.

“It’s no surprise that people opt to use their cars instead of the train,” said Shadow transport spokesman Andy McDonald. “The Government has raised fares at more than twice the rate of wages while allowing private train companies to pocket millions of pounds in profit. This is unfair on rail passengers and harmful to the environment.”

While there can sometimes be advantages of taking the train, such as a faster journey, that is often outweighed by the exorbitant train prices. For example London to Manchester may take two hours on the train, half the time it would take in a car, but the cost of a ticket is £327 compared to £33.97 petrol.

Guy Anker, of consumer website, said: “Rail prices can be an absolute rip-off compared to other modes of transport such as driving and even flying. Even if you use every trick in the book the chances are driving will be cheaper, especially if there are a few of you.”