Tyre Tech Could Warn Drivers Of Damage

Tue 30th Jun 2020

A new partnership between two of the world’s best known tyre and tech brands could bring a new era for damage detection.

There’s nothing worse than taking a punctured tyre into a garage and hearing the mechanic explain that the damage could have been avoided as the body of the tyre had been showing wear and tear in the sides or usually undetectable areas. But now Bridgestone and Microsoft have partnered together to develop the Tyre Damage Monitoring System (TDMS), which will not only assess the damage caused by a pothole, kerb or debris, but it will notify the driver.

The TDMS will also use connected driver technology to provide data analysis to alert local authorities and highways agencies to major defects in the roads.

Current tyre monitoring systems can only detect pressure variations and generally only tell you when your tyre is flat, however TDMS would warn you of potential problems in the future.

According to Bridgestone’s own research, tyre damage is responsible for 30 per cent of all car accidents, but the issues are often undetected and can lead to further damage to suspension and wheels.

Laurent Dartoux, CEO and president of Bridgestone EMEA, says: “Digital is such a huge part of what we do today at Bridgestone. It’s imperative that we work with industry-leading partners who can support our needs today and in the future.

“By teaming up with Microsoft, we have the opportunity to bring our Tyre Damage Monitoring System to millions of drivers, offering them better safety and peace of mind.”