Uber Aims For EV Future

Tue 20th Sep 2022

Ride hailing innovators Uber have laid out their plans for the future with the aim of having all vehicles electric within the next decade.

The company have already revealed that their London fleet will be EV only by 2025 and have now extended that commitment to the US, Canada and the rest of Europe.

The plans will delight green campaigners, but could be met with some opposition, particularly as the average annual Uber salary is unlikely to make buying an EV affordable.

Speaking to American news channel CBS, Dara Khosrowshahi said: “We have a target to be fully electric in the US, Canada and Europe,” and that includes hybrids, which is a blow to the legions of Toyota Prius owners, when asked if it includes PHEV’s the CEO said: “No, if we're doing our job, we're gonna be all-electric.”

Drivers of certain electric vehicles in the US are already being incentivised via Uber. Drivers qualifying for ‘comfort electric’ trips—such as the Ford Mustang Mach-E, Polestar 2, or Tesla Model 3—are paid an extra $1 (£0.87) for each of these journeys, up to a cap of $4000 (£3498).

Beginning in October 2021, Uber and car rental company Hertz teamed up to allow drivers to rent a Tesla for as little as $334 per week, with future rates expected to drop to below $300 per week as demand increases.

In addition to joining EV manufacturers such as Arrival, Lucid, Rivian, and Tesla in establishing the Zero Emission Transportation Association, a lobbying group for 100% EV sales in the US by 2030, Uber has now signed on.