UK Drivers Are Getting Ripped Off On Petrol Prices Says New Report

Tue 19th Jun 2018

A study by a fuel price campaigning group has found that UK motorists could be paying on average 5p more per litre than they should be.

FairFuelUK claims that petrol stations have pocketed an extra £500 million over the last three months by not adjusting prices for diesel and petrol. Inconsistencies in pricing have, unsurprisingly, favoured the sellers and this is equating to an average overspend of £2.50 for each visit to the forecourt.

“Motorists and businesses are exploited ruthlessly by the fuel supply chain,” said Howard Cox, founder of FairFuelUK.

“In Germany and France, pump prices can fluctuate on the forecourts daily, even hourly. The cost of filling up in these countries accurately reflects oil and wholesale prices.”

Though some supermarket chains have since dropped their prices to account for the disparity, Cox has called on the Government to “protect hard-working consumers and the economy from this recurring disingenuous manipulation.”

Rod Dennis from the RAC has praised the retailers for recognising the practice was unfairly punishing drivers: At last, retailers have done the right thing and started to cut prices at the pumps. From our data, we could see no justification for them holding on to savings that they have been benefiting from for three weeks.

"It is absolutely right that at times when wholesale prices are falling, forecourt prices follow suit.”

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