UK Drivers Are Ignorant Of The Highway Code

Mon 18th Feb 2019

The Highway Code is being ignored by many UK drivers according to new data gathered by Halfords.

Nearly one in four motorists have not picked up a Highway Code since they first passed their driving test according to the data. Halfords Autocentres are launching a campaign ahead of Roadworthiness Week and have set a quiz to check the nation’s knowledge of the Highway Code and general car maintenance. So far over 22,000 drivers have completed the survey, answering the 11 questions with the aim of checking if drivers know some of the more recent changes to the motoring laws.

A total of 36% of drivers said that they had not read the rules since passing their test, with one in five admitting that it was over a decade since they had picked up the road users’ manual.

“Our Roadworthiness Quiz has produced some very interesting findings, including that some drivers could benefit from refreshing their knowledge of the rules of the road,” said Andy Randall, Halfords Autocentres Managing Director. “We’re passionate about road safety, which is why we want people to prepare ahead of the half term getaway.

“As well as being a bit of fun, our interactive quiz aims to broaden drivers’ knowledge and help keep our roads safer, as well as put road safety and preventative maintenance front-of-mind for those undertaking long road trips during the upcoming February half-term.”