UK Motor Industry Produced Less Than 200 Cars In April

Tue 2nd Jun 2020

With production lines across all sectors coming to a halt since lockdown was introduced at the end of March to help beat the Covid-19 crisis, there was a major slump in car production, with SMMT data showing just 197 cars leaving factories. With May’s figures likely to show similar output and some factories yet to announce when they are to return to action, there are worries that total output for the year could fall below a million.

While many manufacturers have refocused on producing vital Personal Protective Equipment during the pandemic, this year’s car production has fallen off a cliff, even when compared to the subsequent April in 2019, when volumes were also weak, 71,000 produced.

The most recent dip below a million in the UK cam in 2009 amidst the global financial crisis, and with many economists predicting the biggest recession in 300 years, the outlook for the motor industry looks gloomy.

“With the UK’s car plants mothballed in April, these figures aren’t surprising but they do highlight the tremendous challenge the industry faces, with revenues effectively slashed to zero last month,” said SMMT Chief Exective, Mike Hawes.

“Manufacturers are starting to emerge from prolonged shutdown into a very uncertain world and ramping up production will be a gradual process, so we need government to work with us to accelerate this fundamentally strong sector’s recovery, stimulate investment and safeguard jobs. Support to get all businesses through this short-term turmoil will ensure the UK’s many globally-renowned brands can continue to make the products that remain so desirable to consumers the world over and, in turn, help deliver long-term prosperity for Britain.”

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