UK’s Most EV Friendly Beaches

Tue 19th Jul 2022

Warmer weather in the UK has led to an exodus from the cities to the many top class beaches located on our vast coastline, but for those of us driving an EV its not only the heat which is making us sweat.

The worry of being stranded by the seaside is sure to have been on the minds of many who drove their electric vehicle during the heatwave, because although technically warmer weather is perfect road conditions for range, we all whack up the air-conditioning and that soon drains the battery.

However, new research from Citroen has provided a handy list of beaches which should provide very few headaches for those wanting some sunshine, sea and sand with their EV.

Citroen’s analysis looked at factors such as how many cities were in driveable range of the beach if in the ë-C4’s 219-mile range, how many public chargers were with two miles, how many fast chargers were within two miles and how many rapid chargers were within two miles.

There was a surprise winner, although unsurprisingly Citroen fail to mention the ‘secret’ reason why Roker and Seaburn beaches in Sunderland came out on top. With the Nissan LEAF built at the Nissan factory around the corner, it makes sense that there is plenty of EV provision nearby. A total of 13 public chargers, including three rapid chargers are within two miles of the beaches, while there are eight cities within reach, including Birmingham and Liverpool. Experienced EV users might point out that making the 200 mile journey in an EV without stopping would test its advertised range of 219 miles to the limit.

Elsewhere and the EV enthusiasts of Brighton Beach are well served, with a total of 123 chargers within two miles. In third place is Bournemouth Beach, with six cities within range and 11 chargers, including five rapid chargers.

“The summer getaways to the beaches are now underway, and our research shows some of England’s best seaside locations can easily be reached on a single charge using electric cars like Citroën ë-C4,” said Eurig Druce, Citroen UK’s Managing Director. “Our research also shows how many of the best beaches in the country are close to public charging stations, making the journey even easier in an electric vehicle.”