Up The Junction

Sat 16th Jul 2022

Do you get driven mad by motorists parking near junctions? Perhaps you are one of those forced to take the risk due to a lack of available spaces. But what are the actual rules of the road when it comes to parking near to, or on junctions.

We’ve all done, or at least been tempted to park near a road junction. Very often in busy urban areas there is very little option, and so long as there are no double-yellow lines then it is very rarely punished by either the police or traffic wardens.

But for those who regularly travel through built-up urban residential areas, the problem of junction parking can offer a very real danger. Limited visibility and maneuverability make it sometimes impossible to get in or out of a junction.

So what does the Highway Code say? Well sticking to the strict letter of the law, motorists should not park within ten metres of a junction, and there are similar rules in place for parking opposite a junction.

“The junction should be kept clear to help observations when emerging and to make it easier for vehicles to manoeuvre in and out of the junction (e.g. A fire engine trying to navigate a junction with vehicles parked to close making it difficult or impossible to do so),” said Ian Fido, Head of Training at RED Driving School.

And Fido explains that the rules are there to protect both drivers on the road, and also those who park on the roads, as you are much more likely to see your car damaged if it is parked in a tricky location.

“Think of how your vehicle could easily be damaged when parked too close to a junction,” Fido said.

In addition to T junctions and Y junctions, there are number of scenarios which could be considered, where “two or more roads meet and traffic can take different routes. This also includes pedestrian crossings and cycle routes."