Value Brands More Popular Than Ever

Mon 13th Jun 2022

Value for money is now one of the key considerations for the UK motorists when it comes to choosing their next car says a leading industry expert.

Gone are the days when an expensive looking car was top of the list for car buyers, with cheaper and economical models taking a larger share of the market, an opinion which is backed up by data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders.

The latest sales data from the SMMT shows that the supermini Vauxhall Corsa is the nation’s No.1 choice, both in terms for May sales and the year-to-date. Ford are also high up on the list, though it is not the Focus and Fiesta but the Puma and Kuga which are flying high.

There’s no Jaguar, Land Rovers or even Teslas on the top ten, no sign of the German luxury trio of BMW, Audi and Mercedes, instead Kia and Nissan occupy prime spots. Even those who do have more expensive tastes might have to wait for their SUVs, with microchip shortages impact companies such as Jaguar Land Rover significantly.

Speaking to The Sun, Stuart Masson from The Car Expert, a consumer website, said: “Drivers are turning away from oversized diesel leviathans and are instead choosing smaller or fully electric vehicles.

“As consumers increasingly feel the burden of the cost of living, pressures could put strain on household budgets, especially for those locked into longer finance deals which are now typically four years instead of three.

“It is intriguing how after years of cars getting ever larger, we are now seeing habits change as drivers opt for vehicles that are smaller and, in many cases, cheaper too.

“Drivers are making pragmatic choices. They want a vehicle that meets their needs and, with the challenges of the increasing cost of living, are cutting their cloth accordingly.”