Vauxhall To Axe Insignia Model

Tue 24th May 2022

UK fans of the Vauxhall Insignia will be waving goodbye to the much loved motor this year after it was announced that brand were pulling it from production in a shift towards electrification.

Vauxhall plan to fulfill a backlog of orders on the family saloon until the autumn before removing it from the factory line, and some retailers in Britain have already stopped taking orders on it.

The Insignia was launched in 2008 as a successor to the Vectra and is currently in its second generation, after the company refreshed the model just over two years ago.

In a statement Vauxhall said:  “In line with UK market trends, and a focus on our move to electrification, Vauxhall has decided to close customer ordering for the Vauxhall Insignia model with immediate effect.

“Production of the Vauxhall Insignia will continue until the Autumn after all existing orders have been fulfilled.

“Ordering and production of its sister model, the Opel Insignia, continues unaffected in markets outside the UK.

“New electrified models will enter the Vauxhall line-up in due course as we move to our commitment to be a solely electric brand from 2028.”

The company still retain a number of family-car options within their line-up, including the Grandland, Combo-e Life and the Vivaro-e Life. It’s expected that Vauxhall’s sister brand Opel will replace the Insignia brand on the European market in 2025, but will continue producing the Insignia for the European market.