Video Killed The Driving Star?

Wed 7th Oct 2020

New research published by the RAC has revealed that video apps on mobile phones are posing a real distraction for drivers with one in five young drivers admitting that they have participated in a video call whilst driving.

The worrying report finds that young drivers in the 17-24 bracket are twice as likely to make or receive video calls while driving, the national average is 8 per cent. The RAC’s research showed the extent that apps, such as FaceTime, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are being used on the roads. Amazingly, the research also found that one in ten 17-24 year-olds play games on their phone while driving.

The use of handheld phones by other drivers was named as the second biggest concern in the 2020 RAC Report on Motoring research, with 79 per cent of motorists admitting that they want to see camera technology introduced to catch the law breakers.

“Our figures highlight what many drivers already know – that the problem of illegal phone use at the wheel has far from disappeared,” said RACE road safety spokesman, Simon Williams. “While there’s been a reduction in some elements of this dangerous activity, more people say they are making and taking calls now than at any point since 2016, shortly before tougher penalties were introduced.

“And the rise in the popularity of video calls means this type of communication represents a new, clear and present danger on the UK’s roads in 2020.

“Our findings from 2016 were a watershed moment which led to the UK Government calling for people to make illegal mobile phone use while driving as socially unacceptable as drink-driving. The fact drivers still state it’s their second biggest motoring concern of all shows that more progress still needs to be made here.”