Volvo EV Range To Exceed 600 Miles

Wed 7th Jul 2021

Range anxiety could be a thing of the past if Swedish car manufacturer Volvo achieves its aims before the end of the decade.

With many car buyers worried about the amount of mileage they might get from a single charge, the prospect of buying an electric vehicle is still a big headache for some. But Volvo’s plans might make more choose to take the plunge.

Volvo has partnered with Northvolt, a fellow Scandinavian company, to develop a new range of lithium-ion batteries which could be on sale as early as 2025. The new ultra energy dense batteries which could provide a real driving range of 621 miles, should allow the average owner to only have to charge their vehicle once a month, or could see drivers make a journey the length of the country, from Land’s End to John O’Groats on one charge.

“We want to offer our customers sustainable pure electric cars that makes their lives easier and more enjoyable,” said Henrik Green, chief technology officer at Volvo.

“Through smart innovation and collaboration with key partners, we can give customers what they want – more range, faster charging and lower costs – and further boost widespread adoption of electric mobility.”

Volvo’s partnership with Northvolt will also see them become more sustainable in other ways, with batteries capable of being able to use 100 per cent renewable energy and the ability to recover reusable materials.