Volvo Makes Electric Vow As UK Confidence In Greener Motors Grows

Thu 26th Apr 2018

UK car buyers are showing more and more confidence in the electric car market, with manufacturers making bold promises on the future.

Major European manufacturer Volvo announced this week that half of all the cars it sells in 2025 will be fully electric, this following on from an earlier announcement from the Swedish brand that from 2019 all cars they produce will be ‘electrified’. Though the claim is tempered by ‘electrified’ vehicles also including battery and hybrid models, the prospect of more than a quarter of a million electric Volvos being sold in 2025 is a huge boost for environmentalists.

“Last year we made a commitment to electrification in preparation for an era beyond the internal combustion engine,” Volvo Cars CEO and President, Håkan Samuelsson said at the Beijing Motor Show this week.

“Today we reinforce and expand that commitment in the world’s leading market for electrified cars. China’s electric future is Volvo Cars’ electric future.”

The most recently released figures suggest the electric car sales in the UK are booming. The number of electric cars on the roads from April 2015 to April 2018 is up by 21,019 vehicles, a jump of 128 per cent.

According to the new data provided by cap hpi, the total number of electric vehicles on UK roads is 37,483.
Electric vehicles expert, Chris Plumb said that electric cars are becoming an easy choice to make for the UK’s car-buying public: 'Drivers are showing growing confidence in the technology as the real-life ranges of vehicles increase and faster charging is available. Manufacturers also provide more choice with many now providing an all-electric option.

'Electric vehicles can also make financial sense with total cost of ownership and tax savings.

'Increasingly, people are saying they enjoy the driving experience in electric vehicles.

'As clean air zones roll out across the UK, we expect the popularity of these cars to continue to grow.'

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