Volvo To Fix Punctures And Windscreen Chips For Free

Wed 9th Feb 2022

Swedish car brand Volvo have taken after sales service to a whole new level by offering all UK Volvo owners to have their puncture or windscreen chip fixed for free.

In what is thought to be a UK first, the service is being offered to any Volvo driver, no matter the age of the car. Volvo technicians will inspect the damage and if a repair is safe and possible then it will be made on the spot, while the customer waits, free of charge. For damage which is not repairable, the dealership will be a no obligation quote for the new tyre or windscreen.

It’s thought that the move has been made to increase footfall and traffic into Volvo showrooms and workshops. 

The company’s UK managing director Kristian Elvefors had expressed concerns that with the rise in electric vehicles there would be not so many after sales revenues, and that dealerships might have to get more inventive. Fewer oil changes, software updates done via wi-fi and less parts in a car to go wrong, a trip to the franchised garage may be a thing of the past.

Speaking about the new initiative, Elvefors said: “As well as reducing the nuisance factor of minor damage, this new service helps keep cars in safe condition and, in the case of windscreens, can prevent chips leading to cracks and more costly replacements.

"We value all Volvo drivers, no matter how old their car might be, and this new service is the perfect way to help them stay safe, secure and mobile.”