Volvo’s XC40 Proving To Be A big Hit In The UK

Wed 11th Apr 2018

It has been named 2018 European Car of the Year, but it’s not just the critics who have taken their fancy to the Volvo XC40.

The Swedish brand’s new compact SUV has been selling at twice the rate Volvo predicted since it went on sale – meaning that 2000 vehicles a month are leaving the manufacturer’s UK showrooms.

Volvo has planned for 1000 XC40s a month being shipped in the UK, but since its February launch the car has been flying out of the showrooms. The manufacturer has already sold out of the First Edition models, which considering that they were the only models available on launch is fantastic news.

“The XC40 is already proving to be a huge success, fuelled by the number of high-profile awards it has won recently,” said Volvo’s UK Car Operations Director, David Baddeley.

“This enthusiasm is reflected in the number of early customers who have ordered their XC40, and we see this demand only increasing now the first customer cars are appearing on UK roads.”

With the car’s bigger brother already dominating the European market, and being named this year’s World Car of the Year, Volvo are looking set to make a real dent in the ambitions of rivals Mercedes, BMW and Audi, with that push strengthened by the fact that all of the XC40s options are now available to order in the UK.

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