Want Delivery To Your Door? Then Try CarSupermarket.com… Then After That Choose These Apps!

Wed 28th Feb 2018

Want to buy your perfect car, but don’t want the hassle of visiting a cold and draughty showroom in this winter weather? Then why not make your next motor purchase from the warmth and comfort of your own home! CarSupermarket.com has 1000s of vehicles to choose from, all available to buy at the click of a mouse, with easy-to-understand finance options at a price you can afford.
Tap, Tap, Vroom!

Once you’ve bought your shining new motor, you’ll want to get from A to B in the quickest route possible and with beastly winter weather causing havoc on the roads that’s not always possible. Not all cars come with a built-in satnav, so what are the best Apps on your phone to get you home safe and sound?

Google Maps
A real beauty of an app. The guys at Google know their stuff and have spent many man hours learning all about the UK’s road system. With smart route planning, live traffic information, estimated ETAs and even the option to let others know how your journey is progressing, Google Maps has it all covered.
Free on Android, iOS or online.

If you are driving in London, Birmingham or Manchester then Citymapper might be a great option to get you home. The local knowledge this map offers is invaluable, and for these big congested cities it even offers you the best public transport options (just in case you get stuck for too long in your new car). The great thing about Citymapper is that it’s local knowhow can often offer route alternatives that Google Maps might never have thought of.
Free on Android, iOS or online.

Stuck in a traffic jam and wondering if there is an incident up ahead causing the gridlock? Often hundreds of other drivers will be in the same situation and many of them will be reporting their problem journey onto Twitter. Simply type the name of your road or motorway into the search option and often you’ll find liver than live traffic information provided by the public, rather than the authorities.
Free on Android, iOS or online.

Whilst Twitter will tell you what the public are saying about the state of the roads, Waze will actually show you! Crowdsourced information will tell you all you need to know about speed limits on roads, traffic congestion and even if there is a traffic cop lurking ahead. It’s so good that Google Maps bought it and nicked the best bits off it.
Free on Android and iOS.

Highways England Live Traffic Info
If you’ve ever caught yourself wondering through on of the many service stations up and down the UK’s motorway network you are sure to have had your attention grabbed by the live traffic update screens from Highways England. Well now you can take that information with you on your phone, so you can keep up-to-speed with the latest incidents on all the major roads – and hopefully avoid them!
Free on Android, iOS or online.

AA Traffic News
Very similar to Highways England, the official AA app provides a map of incidents, traffic news, local fuel stations and even car park information. They might even come and fix your car.
Free on Android, iOS or online.