Watch Out For This New Car Parking Scam

Mon 22nd Nov 2021

Hundreds of drivers could be having a night out ruined by crafty scammers posing as car park attendants, leaving motorists facing large fines for parking illegally.

The scam was revealed in September when drivers parked up at what they thought was an official car park to see a music gig at Victoria Warehouse in Manchester. Having paid £10 to be directed to street parking 10 minutes from the venue, the unwitting drivers then received a £70 fine in the post from Trafford Council for parking on double-yellow lines.

“We paid a tenner I think it was and paid the cash directly to one of the men,” Tom Coulton from Wigan, one of the gig-attenders caught out in the scam.

"I thought for my own protection I am just going to video these guys. If there is something dodgy I don't want to get shafted.

"We went to the gig and everything was fine. Everyone else was coming out and collecting their cars.

"A letter came through from Trafford Council with the parking charge and the exact time and date from the gig.

"They said we had ignored the first notice and had 14 days to pay the full amount.

"But I hadn't received a letter which makes me think the parking person from the council has come along and put tickets on the cars and the men have removed them to remove any suspicion.

"We have contested the fine online but haven’t heard anything back yet,” the 37-year-old told The Sun newspaper.

Coulton, who was visiting the popular Manchester venue for the first time, and after following traffic to the location spotted others paying money to the scammers who wore high-vis jackets. He and his partner have reported the crime to the police, but have yet to hear any further information. The local council meanwhile have admitted handing out the fines, a Trafford Council spokesman said: “The Council did carry out parking enforcement action on Pomona Strand on this date concerning vehicles parked on double yellow lines.

"We will respond to appeals once they have been reviewed and will re-offer the discounted payment amount where necessary.

"It is illegal for anyone to take cash for parking on a public highway and the Council would advise anyone who writes in to report this to Greater Manchester Police."