What Are The Best Fun Used Cars To Buy In 2018?

Sun 4th Feb 2018

You want to buy a used car in 2018 but you are not sure what model to buy? You want fun, but you want value at the same time! Well here are the top ‘fun’ used cars to purchase this year according to top car website Autocar.

Described as ‘great drivers cars’ the list focuses on ‘hot hatches, roadsters, fast saloons or sports coupés’.

Renault Sport Clio 182 - Described by Autocaras 'a car so capable along a twisting B-road that many sports car drivers have been humbled at its hand.'

Toyota MR2 (Mk3) -  'A particularly chubby frog in its guppy-mouth grille and bulging eye-like headlights – but few could argue with the way the car drove.'

Mazda RX-8 - 'Exotic the RX-8 is – high- revving rotary engine, ‘suicide’ rear doors, sophisticated double-wishbone front and multi-link rear suspension.'

Mazda MX-5 (Mk2) - 'the MX-5 gets so many of the basics right. It’s a small, lightweight, rear-wheel-drive roadster with a sweetly balanced chassis and a peppy four-pot'

AUDI TT 20V QUATTRO - 'as a robust, fast, all-weather alternative, the original Audi TT has always caught my eye'

Subaru Impreza WRX - 'With 215bhp, a sorted chassis and four-wheel drive, though, the more affordable WRX isn’t to be sniffed at'

Renault Sport Clio 197 - 'a fantastic little hot hatch with a sparkling chassis'

HONDA INTEGRA TYPE R (DC2) - 'The Integra Type R was the first really great front-driven door-handler’s special from Honda'

Volkswagen Golf GTI (Mk5) - 'broadly talented, too, both grown-up and refined in everyday use, and a blast between the hedgerows.'

Nissan 350Z - 'An Audi TT rival that cares less about image and more about back-road fun'

Ford Focus RS (Mk1) - ' arguably, the first super-hatch, the first car of its type to be engineered with the same precision and attention to detail as a bespoke sports car'

AUDI RS4 (B7) - 'This RS4 might just have been the best ever, with its deliciously free-revving V8, rear-biased balance and monumental grip'

Vauxhall VX220 Turbo - 'Given its impeccable breeding, it’s no surprise the VX220 is a brilliant roadster'

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII - 'Huge turbocharged performance with crushing cross-country pace is what the Evo is all about'

BMW M3 (E46) - 'considered by many to be the best of the breed, the third model in the M3 dynasty is now an appreciating modern classic'

Porsche 911 (997) - 'we might well look back on the 997-series as being the 911’s high-water mark'

Porsche 968 Sport - 'The Porsche 968 Sport is much less desirable than the agile, sweetly balanced 968 Clubsport'

MAZDA RX-7 SPIRIT R - ' No driver aids, cracking rotary engine, balance, communication and sit-up-straight performance'

Lotus Exige (Series 2) - 'The Lotus Exige occupies that sweet middle ground between the Caterham Seven and Porsche 911'

Caterham R400 - 'nothing comes close to a Seven’s uncompromising laser focus'

TVR T350C - 'bizarre axe slash marks, gaping bonnet vents and sideways-facing exhaust tips will make it all the more appealing'

Aston Martin V8 Vantage - 'The best-selling model in Aston Martin’s history might also be one of its prettiest'

Noble M12 GTO - 'the Noble M12 GTO is recognised as being one of the best-handling cars of the past 20 years'

Porsche Cayman R - ' the first Cayman to have a power-to-weight ratio superior to a contemporary 911'

Mercedes C63 AMG 507 Coupé - 'The 507 model was a run-out special – a farewell, in fact, to the glorious 6.2-litre normally aspirated V8 engine that was retired in 2015'